A quick note.

It has been brought to my attention that the At-The-Helm podcasts have been very slow to load for people these last several days. A review of the site seems to indicate that this is no longer the case and things are working properly now. If you’ve had any difficulty with this issue , please do […]

Warmest regards and temperatures abound….

on this Fathers Day 2007. My best to all dads out there and a quick note that there’s a new short piece (minute and a half) up for listening now. The piece is titled “Cooloola”(circa 1988)Â and it comes from the upcoming Episode 8 of At-The-Helm. The local weather info says it’s 98 degrees F […]

Episode 06 of At-The-Helm now available.

That’s right, Episode #06 of At-The-Helm is now ready to be heard by one and all.

This show features solo material from late 1986 and early 1987 recorded in California, and includes the following tracks:

Desert Aire India Street Fixed Stare From Here Desert Kites One In A Million Tidal Pools

There’s a little […]

A little rain to start the day here.

Looks as though there will be more before the day is done. Yesterday found me up on a ladder cleaning gutters from many months of elm deposits, today a free rinsing, that’s good timing for me. Work on flagstone pathways is about to commence for me(I’ll take a picture to share before and after). Show […]

A couple of very windy days

After a morning of surveying the debris field left from the strong winds of the past two days I’m happy to report no damage to any structures on properties I do landscaping work for. Any flimsy tree limbs are however now down for the count and headed for a roundup by the likes of me.


Lyrics as promised

Here are the lyrics to “West of Kiddieland” by Bryan Helm and Marshal Black, music by Helm, Black & Buffer (Fez). As featured in Episode #4 of At-The-Helm. The events that inspired this bit of fun occurred at the Ohio State Fair in 1983.

“West of Kiddieland”

Staring at extremely yellow flowers

Electric giant condos […]

Episode Five

Episode Five is now available.

It includes music from 1986 at the conclusion of the Ohio period. Biker/Rocker pictured here circa 1986.

Its an entirely solo venture , except for Mr. Bob Kelley* on drums where noted.

A Short Answer To Miles African Rain Canada Barney Hillage Quantum Jump II * ie […]