Episode 11 of At-The-Helm now up and running…

It’s the second show featuring the guitar duet known as the Dozey Lumps playing live in the studio circa 1992. Six pieces are featured:

1- Â Just Like Fog (Light Swaths)

2-Â Never A Dual Moment

3-Â Wistful Thinking

4-Â Mem 5 Watercan

5-Â Hole In My Head

6-Â Perelandra

Again as […]

Some production notes on this…

sunny breezy fall sunday. Shows 11,12 and 13 are done and ready to present over the next 6 weeks or so and the music files for show #14 are also ready. For those of you keeping score at home please note that starting with Show #10 there is new intro/outro music for At-The-Helm. It’s […]