Episode 13 of At-The-Helm is now on-line

Divide Sky

Episode 13 is an all solo outing from the California period featuring me on synthesizer, electric guitar and loops. Features the following tracks:

1- I Heard That 2- Milk Teeth 3- Lost in Paris 4- Nelson’s Day 5- Questions of Distance 6- A Good Deed Shines

These are solo works done during the same […]

At-The-Helm Episode 12 up for your listening pleasure….

Show #12 features tracks from 1990 and 1992 that document the musical transitions that The Dozey Lumps take on to become Bindlestiff. The last 3 numbers feature a special guest in the form of either Tom Freeman on drums (Luxury Yacht) or Bill Forth on electric guitar (The Schizophonics).

1- No.17- The […]