The weather is warm and wonderful….

here in what I guess is outer Monaco. We are booked for only 3 days but Eddie hopes to pick up another date before we go to Venice next week. Hank and Harold have a relative of some sort near Venice that they want to visit and there could be a home cooked meal in […]

Very nice indeed…..

this city of Nice. Although Paris was lovely, it’s very pleasant on the coast here, warm and scenic. The accomodations at the hotel are more than adequate and it’s a treat not to have to haul our gear around town from gig to gig. The ballroom has a pretty good sound to it and the […]

Welcome to the "city of light and magic"…

also known as Paris, France. The trip here was uneventful, no luggage lost (nice thing about having to sit on it during transit). Eddie says the gig here will be a good chance to warm up before we head to Nice. I’m getting to know the Headstock brothers Hank and Harold, they’re really good players […]