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Episode 21 of At-The-Helm is now…

….available and features recordings of solo works from 1997. All instruments and vocals by Bryan Helm. Titles and starting times are as follows:

1- Mr. Crow 1    0:00 2- All The Rabbits   2:20 3- Sad For Today    4:41 4- Tales From Treehorn   9:19 5- Our Hearts Are All Around Us    13:12 6- Mr. Crow 2   17:44 7- […]

Show #7 of At-The-Helm now available.

Howdy folks.

A quick note on a hot day to say that Episode 7 of At-the-Helm is now up for your listening pleasure.

This is the second show from the California period (1986-87) and features the following tracks:

3 Squares Sunshower They Learn To Talk Canyon Shadows Winky…. A Word From Our Sponsor […]

Lyrics as promised

Here are the lyrics to “West of Kiddieland” by Bryan Helm and Marshal Black, music by Helm, Black & Buffer (Fez). As featured in Episode #4 of At-The-Helm. The events that inspired this bit of fun occurred at the Ohio State Fair in 1983.

“West of Kiddieland”

Staring at extremely yellow flowers

Electric giant condos […]