Episode 33 of At-The-Helm is now here….


Show #33 in the My Life in Sound series is the next to last in this retrospective. This time the music is again from 2005-6 and was recorded in my home studio in Colorado. Titles and start  times are as follows:

1- Omnistop Intro 00:00
2- Walk Into Town 02:54
3- April Fools 06:30
4- Fit To Be Tied  11:54
5- Todd Is God  15:47
6- Omnistop Outro  18:06
7- Roll The Credits  22:26
8- The Walk Home  26:03
Performed and recorded by Bryan Helm. All rights reserved by the artist. Tracks 1, 2 and 6 contain samples of recorded works by other artists, used here without permission. For more information please visit at-the-helm.us and follow the links. Thanks for listening, next show is all talk and will cover aspects of information from all the music only shows and a couple of other things , so please do tune in. Photo from RMNP looking upstream circa 2006.


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