Summer is in the air…..

and it’s a beautiful day here in Colorado a little windy but not too.

Just recorded episodes 6 and 7Â yesterday with the help of Mr. Glenn Stebleton (who made the comment that started this whole podcast thing rolling for At-The-Helm). Many thanks due Glenn for his work on this project.

Speaking of the project […]

Busy making progress……………

A busy weekend working on finishing up the music for show#7 and looking at the rough first edit of the short film I’m scoring currently.

Between that , yardwork, petsitting, and dad’s taxi- a moment to blog.

Next post or two I’ll provide the lyrics to one of the songs from episode #4, for amusement […]

Episode #4 of At-The-Helm Now Available


Welcome back folks and thanks for coming. Episode #4 is up and available for your listening pleasure.

This one features tracks from 1979-1985 with four different groups:

Fukhedz, Ample Parking, Fez, and Nelson & Helm

Scared Fun- Fukhedz Pop –Ample Parking Towing My Car Away-Ample Parking Snorkles in Reverse-Fez West of Kiddieland-Fez Live […]

Nice weather……..

Howdy Folks and welcome back. It’s been a busy week, but a productive one. Episode #4 of At-The-Helm is ready to go up Wednesday May 15th. Episode #5 is also ready but won’t appear till June 1st. Show#4 is the Ohio period band show and features me with 4 different groups over a period of […]

Work continues on all fronts

Greetings. Over the weekend managed to re-record Episode #4 and also put #5 in the can.

Should be set for the next few weeks, thanks again to Glenn.

Also continuing to assemble material for the film score I’m working on, a lot left to do there still.

Looking to put Episode #4 up a week […]

A Beautiful Day…………

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, springtime in the Rockies. Fresh snow above 8 thousand feet, flowers blooming right and left here down below those snow capped peaks.

I finished compiling the music yesterday for Episode #5 which features home studio work from 1986Â and marks the end of the Ohio period (when […]

Episode #3 is now available

Happy May Day! Just a quick note to say that Episode #3 of At-The-Helm is up and running. Please take the time to give it a listen and I think you’ll enjoy what you you hear. Any and all comments are as always welcome and my thanks again for your interest.

Music […]