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A quick hello from Hong Kong…..

where we’ve been very busy catching up on all aspects of life on the road,while we wait to head to Japan next. I have to say that I’ll miss all the stuff you can get to eat here. It’s been amazing food, even the Headstock brothers say the variety of grub has never been better […]

It's raining but due to clear out I'm told.

here in Shanghai. The temperature is in the high 70’s a nice change of pace from the last couple of stops we’ve made. This city is huge, they tell me there are 20 million people in the greater metropolitan area and growing. As far as I know we’re only due to stay here a couple […]

When or where in Greece am I ?

I can’t really say and now I’m getting ready to leave. The food has been wonderful and the people even more so. The rest of the band is in no hurry to move on, but Eddie says there are gigs to do elsewhere, so onward we go. I’m caught up on postcards to back home […]

After an interesting week ….

here in Venice I thought I’d better catch up on blogging and more before we move on. The tour is going well so far and according to Eddie we’re actually making some money, although the band has yet to see much of it. Hank and Harold (the Headstock Brothers) managed to get out to the […]

Now we're off to Venice……

after a fun week in Monaco. No real news to report, just a quick update. I also wanted to give appropriate recognition to Stan and Russell over at TwistedPapers.com who are the source of the wonderful images I’m currently using in the “world tour” part of this blog. Go check out their site I think […]

The weather is warm and wonderful….

here in what I guess is outer Monaco. We are booked for only 3 days but Eddie hopes to pick up another date before we go to Venice next week. Hank and Harold have a relative of some sort near Venice that they want to visit and there could be a home cooked meal in […]

Very nice indeed…..

this city of Nice. Although Paris was lovely, it’s very pleasant on the coast here, warm and scenic. The accomodations at the hotel are more than adequate and it’s a treat not to have to haul our gear around town from gig to gig. The ballroom has a pretty good sound to it and the […]

Spring has sprung here….

after a last blast of winter in these parts. Work on Episode 34 of At-The-Helm is almost complete. The first version of the show ran too long and was really boring so I killed it and am now editing the second version, hopefully to better effect. My apologies to those few of you that are […]

A Quick Production Update….

as I continue to work on the final episode in this retrospective. I hope to have it wrapped up soon. I’d like to welcome any new readers and listeners and thank you for stopping to check out my work After the final interview show there are still some other surprises to come so please stay […]

A Quick Production Update…

….on this unseasonably warm day in November. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know that Show #30 in the podcast series is almost ready for relaease. I’m behind schedule what with some technical difficulties and all but still on track to finish it all up soon, so please do stay […]