where we’ve been very busy catching up on all aspects of life on the road,while we wait to head to Japan next. I have to say that I’ll miss all the stuff you can get to eat here. It’s been amazing food, even the Headstock brothers say the variety of grub has never been better on a tour stop with Eddie. As a nod to being in Hong Kong  Mr. Ersatz has chosen the fourth album from Siouxie and the Banshees titled “Juju” for the pick of the week.  Although not the album that “Hong Kong Garden” is taken from, “Juju” is one of the greatest recordings by any band of that era.  Released in June of 1981 on Polydor,  this album features wonderful guitar work from the late John McGeoch , percussion with “punch” from Budgie, dark and dangerous bass from Steven Severin, and the lilting lovely voice of the one and only Siouxie Sioux.  Every track here is a winner but my personal two favorites back to back are “Halloween” and “Monitor” that close the A side of the album. The goth side of punk never got any better than this collection of tunes, good call Eddie.  Well that’s it for now from here, time to practice and pack for Japan, more to come soon, take care and thanks for checking in. image courtesy of twistedpapers.com