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His Master’s Voice…….


came from inside a device like this: a 1910 Victor Talking Machine with Morning Glory Horn. This particular machine is from the collection featured in the Dougherty Museum located 1 mile south of Longmont Colorado on State Route 287. I’ve been meaning to visit this museum for almost 16 years and finally got it […]

At-The-Helm Episode 19 is available…..

now for your listening pleasure. This show is a live Bindlestiff concert recorded April 30th 1995 in San Diego CAÂ direct from the mixing board. It features the following tracks:

1- Short Circuit Circus

2- Fantasia

3- The Night Sky

4- Sleep It Off

5- Orbital Noon

6- The Night Sky 2

Thanks to […]

A Lot of Work Done…..

and still a lot to do, but progress on all fronts. The flagstone pathways are evolving, Show #8 was just recorded Friday for release later this month. Working on music for Show#10 with word that music is on the way for the beginning of the Dozey Lumps period shows which will prove a treat for […]

Episode Five

Episode Five is now available.

It includes music from 1986 at the conclusion of the Ohio period. Biker/Rocker pictured here circa 1986.

Its an entirely solo venture , except for Mr. Bob Kelley* on drums where noted.

A Short Answer To Miles African Rain Canada Barney Hillage Quantum Jump II * ie […]

Episode #4 of At-The-Helm Now Available


Welcome back folks and thanks for coming. Episode #4 is up and available for your listening pleasure.

This one features tracks from 1979-1985 with four different groups:

Fukhedz, Ample Parking, Fez, and Nelson & Helm

Scared Fun- Fukhedz Pop –Ample Parking Towing My Car Away-Ample Parking Snorkles in Reverse-Fez West of Kiddieland-Fez Live […]

Nice weather……..

Howdy Folks and welcome back. It’s been a busy week, but a productive one. Episode #4 of At-The-Helm is ready to go up Wednesday May 15th. Episode #5 is also ready but won’t appear till June 1st. Show#4 is the Ohio period band show and features me with 4 different groups over a period of […]

A Beautiful Day…………

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, springtime in the Rockies. Fresh snow above 8 thousand feet, flowers blooming right and left here down below those snow capped peaks.

I finished compiling the music yesterday for Episode #5 which features home studio work from 1986Â and marks the end of the Ohio period (when […]