victrola1 came from inside a device like this: a 1910 Victor Talking Machine with Morning Glory Horn. This particular machine is from the collection featured in the Dougherty Museum located 1 mile south of Longmont Colorado on State Route 287. I’ve been meaning to visit this museum for almost 16 years and finally got it together to do so recently They are open from 11 AM to 5PM- Friday, Saturday and Sunday-June, July and August. Admission is 5$ (sign the guest book and get back in free all summer) . They showcase antique cars, farm equipment, pianos, organs, music boxes, phonographs, and guns. There’s something for everybody. The volunteer staff on site will inform and accompany you as much or as little as you choose on your visit,  I found them to be charming and helpful folks. Probably not for small children but ten and up should find it a special glimpse into some real history. Speaking of history it seems like it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated you on my musical doings. Currently working on remixing some earlier tracks to manipulate them further with the help of my friend Chris on bass. Looking to perhaps find some new musical landscapes with him on this project. Continuing to practice my mandolin in hopes of getting better at playing it. Still knocking around on sound and music files for the film “Omegastop”.  I’ve also decided to release the tracks I’ve been putting together for Episode #35 as individual pieces rather than a collection and include them as a weekly treat with this blog, starting today with the selection “One Man Funeral”. It’s an all solo effort from yours truly featuring looped mandolin and accordion reeds with electric guitar counterpoint as it were. We’ll get to even more tunes in the weeks ahead and some more photos also, all of which I hope you’ll enjoy. Meanwhile my thanks again for reading and listening, please take care and have good day.