Mikey and Meand still a lot to do, but progress on all fronts. The flagstone pathways are evolving, Show #8 was just recorded Friday for release later this month. Working on music for Show#10 with word that music is on the way for the beginning of the Dozey Lumps period shows which will prove a treat for all those who dare listen.

As a production note: when my good buddy Mike Monett took a break from his work rigging stadium set-up for the current Police tour and visited here ,we listened to some of Mike’s material from a few years back and decided to put one of his songs up for you to hear. Mike was one of the original members of Fez (See Show #4),  and he’s back on the Police tour now so do go check out his song “Maybe Tomorrow” for a taste of something different, and thanks again for visiting and listening. More soon.