monacohere in what I guess is outer Monaco.  We are booked for only 3 days but Eddie hopes to pick up another date before we go to Venice next week. Hank and Harold have a relative of some sort near Venice that they want to visit and there could be a home cooked meal in it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We’re going to try out some new arrangements this week and I’ve got an accordion solo worked out that will make Eddie’s ears burn. Speaking of Eddie, his musical pick for this week is an album titled ” Kaleidoscope of Rainbows” by Neil Ardley. Released on Gull records in 1976, recorded in London this album features a brilliant ensemble about a dozen strong, featuring among others the wonderful Barbara Thompson on saxes and flute. This album is great from start to finish and I believe was released on CD a couple of years back. I saw Barbara Thompson and her group Paraphanelia III at the Bulls Head Pub  in London, summer of 1978 . It was a good show in a very small room as I recall. Anyway I agree with Eddie on this one so check it out if you can, I’m off to do laundry..ahh the glamour of the road. More soon.

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