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An end of Summer production update…

… or the ” I’m not quite dead yet” memo for those of you regular readers and listeners. As usual the month of August was almost fatal but not, however it did cause a delay in the release schedule for the At-The-Helm podcast series. My apology for the delay. Show #28 is completed and ready […]

Hoping your holiday spirits are……

properly attired for this Fourth of July 2008. Just a quick note to say the work continues here on the next couple of shows to come in the At-The-Helm series and my thanks to those of you who listen. Have a fun and safe celebration of your own with friends and family, and look […]

A quick production update.

Working on Episode 24 of At-The-Helm which should be up by this sunday. It will be an all solo show of recordings from 1998 and 1999, which I hope you’ll like. After that we’re on to some new trio work in the form of the group BrotherSync for a couple of shows and we’ll also […]

What's cooking in the galley….

as we sail through spring. Working on Show#23 which will be an all Bindlestiff experience, coming soon. Meanwhile I’ve trimmed the list of listenables on line (at My life in Sound) down to just the podcast series itself. For single tracks or other musical misfits go to www.myspace.com/bhelm where there will be a slowly […]

Production notes and a mile marker….

…on this the 18th of April 2008 the one year point into this blog that follows the progress of the at-the-helm podcast series I’d like to thank everyone who has stopped by for a read or a listen. I’m currently working on upcoming episodes that I think will prove quite listenable for all […]

Production Notes on a late winter's day…

…..Spring is just a week away. A few odds and ends to talk about: First there has been a change at the My Life in Sound podcast page. I’ve taken 6 of the short musical numbers and relocated them to my MySpace page where they will be available to hear and download for a […]

What's new indeed…………

should be the title of this post. My apologies to all interested listeners of the At-The-Helm podcast series for the lack of a new episode in some time. As soon as I get shows 15 & 16 back from the editor I’ll most likely post them both. There will be a slight change in […]

A few days into the new year and so far so good.

Though there is a short glitch in the production schedule for the at-the-helm series which will hopefully work itself out this weekend. The next few shows will feature work from the late California period both solo and duet so please do check back. Today’s photo is a view out to sea from atop the […]

Hoping that everyone is in good health and spirits for this holiday season.

With solstice coming this weekend and all the other days of note at years end, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who’ve taken the time to read this blog and listen to the at-the-helm podcast series. With 14 episodes now up we’re at about halfway as best as I can […]

Some production notes on this…

sunny breezy fall sunday. Shows 11,12 and 13 are done and ready to present over the next 6 weeks or so and the music files for show #14 are also ready. For those of you keeping score at home please note that starting with Show #10 there is new intro/outro music for At-The-Helm. It’s […]