nicethis city of Nice. Although Paris was lovely, it’s very pleasant on the coast here, warm and scenic. The accomodations at the  hotel are more than adequate and it’s a treat not to have to haul our gear around town from gig to gig.  The ballroom has a pretty good sound to it and the Headstock brothers have an in with the kitchen staff ,so we’re eating well. We’ve got a week here then it’s off to Monaco or thereabouts. Meanwhile Eddie says his musical pick of the week is “Are You Glad To Be In America” by James Blood Ulmer. Recorded Jan.17,1980 in NYC and originally released on Rough Trade Records in the UK. This recording captures some of the best aspects of “harmolodic” music of the time. The band is in great form and the production is lean and mean. Tracks like “Jazz is The Teacher (Funk is the Preacher)” and “Layout” are real gems. Yeah I have to agree with Eddie on this one, this music is like watching vintage cartoons, it never gets old, ever. Anyway I should get on with laundry if I hope to have anything to wear onstage this evening. Have a good day, more news at our next stop.

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