Summer Heat is Back.

At least for this last Sunday in August. After hitting 100 degrees here on Tuesday of this week , I’m ready for the slide into fall next month and cooler weather. Episode 9 of At-The-Helm will hopefully materialize this week and when it does I’ll put it up pronto for all you folks hear. […]

" Now August is a wicked month…"


….John Hartford once sang and I believe he was correct. But progress is occurring in the At-The-Helm podcast series regardless. Music files for shows 10,11, and 12 are now completed and on disc for the next step in their production. The music takes a new turn with the next few upcoming episodes, I […]

A New Short Musical Selection….

is now available online for your listening pleasure, it’s titled “Idylls of the King” and dates from 1988. The piece is a four track work with me on electric guitar, synth, and drumbox/effects. On the update list: Episode #9 of At-The-Helm is in the can and headed for release in a week or so. […]

Good News

Word has reached me from afar that some wonderful musical stuff has been sent my way. Just the kind of music to share say ……in upcoming episodes of At-The-Helm. Meanwhile here’s another stormy photo from a recent ascent into the hills. Hope you have a good day, more soon.Â


A Lovely Summer Sunday

Just humid enough to feel like August. It’s been a busy week both at work and at home.

Production note: The theme music for At-The-Helm is a tune called “Languid Still” that comes from the same sessions that produced the tracks that are featured in show #8. The photo above is from the continental […]