A quick production update.

Working on Episode 24 of At-The-Helm which should be up by this sunday. It will be an all solo show of recordings from 1998 and 1999, which I hope you’ll like. After that we’re on to some new trio work in the form of the group BrotherSync for a couple of shows and we’ll also […]

Episode 23 of At-The-Helm is an easy listen and…

..by far and away one of the most ambient of the programs in this series.Show #23 is an all Bindlestiff affair featuring two tracks from the 1998 CD “Distant”. Both of these pieces began as live to tape solo loop works that I did in Colorado and then sent to Dave in California where […]

What's cooking in the galley….

as we sail through spring. Working on Show#23 which will be an all Bindlestiff experience, coming soon. Meanwhile I’ve trimmed the list of listenables on line (at My life in Sound) down to just the podcast series itself. For single tracks or other musical misfits go to www.myspace.com/bhelm where there will be a slowly […]

Available for listening At-The-Helm Episode 22…

Which features solo works from the second half of 1997 and a little of ’98 recorded live in the studio in Colorado. Tracks and start times are as follows:

1- African Snowglobe 0:00   (A tune about global climate change) 2- Drifting Forward 5:01 3- Puzzle Dust 10:08   (What’s […]