field and skyAfter a morning of surveying the debris field left from the strong winds of the past two days I’m happy to report no damage to any structures on properties I do landscaping work for. Any flimsy tree limbs are however now down for the count and headed for a roundup by the likes of me.

On the music front work continues on the score for Ian’s newest short film, final editing begins soon I’m told. As to the At-The-Helm podcast series, hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen in on show#5. Looking to post #6 midmonth here, which is where we’ll begin a look at a nine year period of work in southern California from 1986-1995. Solo, duet and trio configurations will be heard with acoustic and electric instruments and a growing amount of looping used amongst it all. We may also speak with old musical friends in lands far away about those days of yore in shows to come , so do please give it a listen and as always I welcome your comments. Have a good day!