This show is the first to feature the music of the Dozey Lumps, A six string steel acoustic/electric guitar duet consisting of Dave Stafford and myself playing in the New Standard Tuning. Features the following tracks recorded from 1989 to 1991

1- Languid

2- Not Bloody Likely

3- Prebendary

4- Mutant Strain

5- Caithness

6- The Canteloupe Terrain

This music was recorded live in the studio seventeen studios in southern California. It is from the CD titled “One Lump Or Two” The Dozey Lumps copyright 1999 (the world) Bryan Helm/Dave Stafford. My thanks to Dave for his engineering and musical expertise and kind permission to share these works with all of you, I hope you enjoy them. Please visit for more info. Don’t worry it’s not snowing yet but these “lumpish” looking snow covered rocks from a couple years back seemed a good image to leave you with on this beautiful fall day.  Enjoy the season.