Show #12 features tracks from 1990 and 1992 that document the musical transitions that The Dozey Lumps take on to become Bindlestiff. The last 3 numbers feature a special guest in the form of either Tom Freeman on drums (Luxury Yacht)  or Bill Forth on electric guitar (The Schizophonics).

1- No.17- The Dozey Lumps

2-Kevin’s House- Luxury Yacht

3-Cutting Down Trees- Luxury Yacht

4-A Chink In The Armor- The Schizophonics

I think you’ll enjoy these pieces as an insight into the musical “growing” process that we were involved with at the time. My thanks again to Tom and Bill for their participation and general good nature and to Dave for all that and more. On another light note here’s a photo of a feather from a red-tail hawk I found not long ago while out walking in the Colorado countryside. Thanks again for stopping in to check out what’s new, we are nearing the halfway point in this series soon and I appreciate your continued interest in these collected works. Have a good day!