for a Happy New Year to all you fine folks out there. The last few months have been very busy here at home and some of the activity was of a musical nature. What that means is that Show # 35 in the podcast series is almost completed and ready to make available after a few last minute touches. Also in the works is a consolidation of my online info which will place all blog and podcast material on one site for easy access for you and lower cost for me. All that coming fairly soon, but in the meantime I dug up a short acoustic guitar piece from a few years back that I’m calling “Rust Away”, that may or may not make the final cut for show#35, but you can hear it now if you like.

My thanks again to all of you who have been listening to the podcast series and following my blog. I hope to be working with some old and new musical friends in the months to come and l keep you posted on any developments of interest from those projects. Again best wishes to all of you, please take care and enjoy. Photo of rust from the antique farm implement show a few years back.