That’s right just when you think it’s over, I’m back. It’s like I never left except for the year and a half or so that I haven’t posted here. Since my last post, I finished my Associate of Arts degree and last summer moved to scenic Rock River, Wyoming . It’s been a big change moving out of the suburbs to the spacious high plains of south central Wyoming. The landscape here is sort of a cross between the dark side of the moon and the bottom of the sea. In fact I think once upon a time, very long ago this was the bottom of the ocean. 150 years ago this year the transcontinental railroad made it’s way through this area. Nowadays the traffic mostly stays to the south on I-80 leaving this route to people looking to hunt or fish and trucks carrying oversize loads. My family and I have grown to love the open plains and the nature that inhabits it. The folks here have been helpful and kind and made us feel very welcome. From the plentiful stars at night to the enveloping quiet, this has been an inspiring place for art and music. The photo above is of the “Fossil Bone Cabin” a truly unique structure that lies about 10 miles from where I live, close to the town of Medicine Bow. Here’s a link for more info-

The reason I mention this is that I will be appearing live at the Old West Bar in Medicine Bow on August 4 at 7 PM as part of a series of fundraisers to put together money for the purpose of relocating the cabin next to the museum in Medicine Bow. I hope that anyone interested will come on down for an evening of music and fun and to support this cause. I’ve been busy working on a couple of music projects since I moved here and both are getting close to completion. I thought I’d share a track from one of those projects with you here it’s called “The Great North Road”. I’ll be making an effort to bring you more music and news from this place in the months to come. Thanks as always for taking the time to visit my site. I hope all of you are having a happy and healthy summer and if you can, please come on by the Old West Bar on Saturday August 4th for music and more starting at 7 PM. It’s located on Route 287 on the North side of the street, not too hard to find but here’s a map and some info-