…or listening as it were.Episode 28 in this series features some solo tracks recorded at home during 2002 and 2003. Titles and start times are as follows:

1- SCN #1  00:00
2- Futile Fanfare  03:03
3- Around The Horn  04:35
4- Letter From Home  07:54
5- The Shiny Deep  11:51
6- It’s The Vicar….Not The Bishop  13:56
7- The Time It Takes  19:06
8- You Might Not Ever Get Home  20:58
9- Iron Killed The Fairies  22:15
10- SCN #2  26:09

All music performed and recorded by Bryan Helm.All rights reserved by the artist  Drum and bass loop sample on track #8 uses a Yamaha DTEXpress digital drum preset.  The drums, piano, and lapsteel will all be increasing their musical roles in the remaining shows in this series, which I hope to conclude by years end. Thanks to all of you for listening, enjoy the music and have a good day.  Photo from harvest time a few years back…down the road.