available for your listening pleasure. This show features solo selections recorded live in the studio during 2003 and 2004. Titles and start times are as follows:

1- Wake Up Call  00:00

2- Working Title  02:22

3- Horse Number Five  05:10

4- Morning Flowers  08:57

5- Before The Saints  11:08

6- Slow to a Trot  14:37

7- Across the Gap  16:32

8- A Little Foggy  18:57

9- Bald Spot Sweat  21:24

10- So Long Red  25:36

Arranged, performed and recorded by Bryan Helm. All rights reserved by the artist. Track #10 is dedicated to the late O.J. “Red” Rhodes, perhaps the finest pedal steel guitarist of the 20th century. Photo from a nearby canyon circa 2004. Thanks for stopping in, there’s more coming soon, have a good day!