Show #33 in the My Life in Sound series is the next to last in this retrospective. This time the music is again from 2005-6 and was recorded in my home studio in Colorado. Titles and start  times are as follows:

1- Omnistop Intro 00:00
2- Walk Into Town 02:54
3- April Fools 06:30
4- Fit To Be Tied  11:54
5- Todd Is God  15:47
6- Omnistop Outro  18:06
7- Roll The Credits  22:26
8- The Walk Home  26:03
Performed and recorded by Bryan Helm. All rights reserved by the artist. Tracks 1, 2 and 6 contain samples of recorded works by other artists, used here without permission. For more information please visit and follow the links. Thanks for listening, next show is all talk and will cover aspects of information from all the music only shows and a couple of other things , so please do tune in. Photo from RMNP looking upstream circa 2006.