cloud2a.jpg–“Cloud Silence*”

Music from 1981-1982
Three solo pieces by Bryan Helm and one duet with Jim Cunningham*.

  • Pressure Assemblages
  • Fat Man
  • UHF *
  • They Learn To Talk

Cloud Silence “Late Start”Hi and welcome to my blog. I’ve just made my first podcast available for downloading and hope that you’ll take the opportunity to give it a listen. It’s the first in what will be a 24 part series of podcasts exploring music I’ve been involved with making over the past 25+ years.

My co-producer Glenn Stebleton and I are hoping to bring you a lot of music and a little talk in this series as we go through my collected recordings. We just finished Episode 2 which will be up directly,and which we think is even better than #1. Please let us know how you feel about the series and thanks for listening.