47 Lincoln Zephyr

Here on the front range of Colorado,  August is in full swing and it’s cooled off a few degrees from yesterday which is pleasant. Just had a wonderful time this past week seeing a couple of very dear friends of ours, who were in from out Oregon way and whom we had not seen in far too long. A loving reminder of the succinct beauty of having true friends in this world. I hope everyone else is having a good summer wherever you might be in this big world of ours. I recently checked in on Facebook to catch a glimpse of some of the people who’ve chosen to follow my blog and was surprised to see over 2400 folks and their smiling (mostly) faces there. My continued thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and listen here.

Speaking of listening….the musical selection for this entry is a little mandolin number titled “Five Finger Folly” recorded on a slightly defunct 6 string mandolin that has since been converted to sculpture of an unusual nature. Anyway this is it’s swan song of sorts, but hopefully not mine. I’m busy working on several projects at the moment which I hope to share some examples from soon here. In the meantime please enjoy this tune and another image from my recent trip to the museum. Best wishes to all of you, more soon.