Title: Early

Track List: 70min 56sec
more earth than sea
stolen moped
cartesian dualism
dos vedanya, tanya
a chink in the armor
parade rest
gregorian station
ariel adrift
…if nothing else

Artists: Dave Stafford and Bryan Helm (Bindlestiff)

Comments: From 1991-1993 these are among the first Bindlestiff recordings. Making the change to electric loop based music from live guitar duets is documented in these studio works. My favorite track is “Ariel Adrift” on which I play my Ovation in NST against Dave’s E-bow work. Another fave is ‘dos vedanya,tanya” which is a live in studio piece with Dave and I playing an electric guitar duet.

Cover Art: Dave Stafford photo/graphics


Ibanez Destroyer Electric Guitar with DiMarzio PAF pickups
Energy Bow
Ovation 1867 Acoustic Guitar
Boss BF-2 Flanger
Boss CE-2 Chorus
Boss DD-2 Digital Delay (2 seconds of loop/delay)
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Pedal
Roland GP-16 Digital Effects Processor (formerly owned by Robert Fripp)
Digitech DSP-128 Digital Effects Processor
A-B Rack Mount Stereo Power Amp
Customized Celestion 1X12 Speaker Cabinets
Recording: TEAC 3340S Reel-To-Reel ¼ Four-Track Tape Recorder


Ovation Model 1867 Acoustic Guitar
Korg DW8000 Synthesizer
Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer
Elektra Model X-940 Solidbody 6 String Electric Guitar
Alesis Microverb III
Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay
Audio-Technica AT812 Microphone
Mackie Micro-Series 1202 Mixer