Track List:
Christopher Robin’s Dead
Zippy’s Parade
Head Or Tail
Dark Water Search
The Earth Below
…And Heaven Above
This Sleeping Circus
The Farthest Road

Dave Stafford and Bryan Helm (Bindlestiff)

A collection of orphaned works from earlier projects (mid to late 1990’s)that really show off some of the band’s more sincere musical efforts to date.
Thanks to Dave for assembling this disc, as time goes on it remains a favorite of mine.

Ibanez Destroyer Electric Guitar with DiMarzio PAF pickups
Energy Bow
Ovation 1867 Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha DX7S Synthesizer
Ground Control MIDI Controller with 2 Customized Expression Pedals
Digitech Whammy II Harmonizer Pedal
Oberheim Echoplex Pro Digital Delay (196 seconds of loop/delay)
Digitech TSR-24S 24-Bit Digital Effects Processor
A-B Rack Mount Stereo Power Amp
Customized Celestion 1X12 Speaker Cabinets
Recording: TEAC 3340S Reel-To-Reel ¼ Four-Track Tape Recorder

Korg DW8000 Synthesizer
Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer
Elektra Model X-940 Solidbody 6 String Electric Guitar
Alesis Microverb III
Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay
Lexicon Jamman Delay/Looper (32 sec.)
Lexicon Vortex Stereo Effects Processor
Audio-Technica AT812 Microphone
Mackie Micro-Series 1202 Mixer

Cover Art:
Helm/Stafford – digital scan of 1920’s Art Deco Glass