Studio 17 Sampler

Studio 17 Sampler

Title: Studio 17 Sampler
1998 release 10 tracks-73min 56sec

Track List:
Without Difference-Bindlestiff
Your Timorous Courage-Dave Stafford
Liquid Center (excerpt 1)-Bryan Helm
Just Like Fog(bank)-The Dozey Lumps
Vivid-Dave Stafford
Liquid Center (excerpt 2)-Bryan Helm
Reflective-Dave Stafford
Hydrofonie-Peter Schaefer
The Wall Of Ninths-Bindlestiff

Artists: All the musical entities then on the Studio 17 roster.

Comments: A listenable and honest representation of the musical works available on the label at the time. A fairly ambient collection with some more active and minor electronic selections present also.Suffice to say that all the artists heard here employ some type of looping device in their sound constructions. As with all the Studio 17 productions this was assembled and manipulated into being as a disc by Dave Stafford.

Cover Art: Helm and Stafford