Episode 32 of At-The-Helm.This installment in the My Life in Sound series consisits of more solo work from the home studio circa 2005-6. Titles and starting times are as follows:

1- Intro  00:00
2- Pieces  1:55
3- Dad’s Taxi  5:10
4- After The Saints  08:35
5- Monkey Slide  10:43
6- Go Soak Your Head  13:08
7- Picture Postcards  17:20
9- Distant Objects  20:26
10- Outro 25:56

Performed and recorded by Bryan Helm. All rights reserved by the artist. Tracks 4 and 7 feature samples of other artists recorded work, used here without their permission, with my apologies and thanks to those musicians.  For more info on this series please visit Thanks for listening! More very soon, meanwhile another photo from the antique farm equipment show of a couple years ago.