Dreamtime-Scorched by the Sun

….comes in the form a new recording. It’s titled “Dreamtime” and it’s the work of myself and Dave Stafford as the duet Scorched by the Sun. It’s a fifty minute musical excursion into dark ambiance of a cinematic and textural nature which I think many folks will enjoy if they give it a chance. It’s now exclusively available as a download at the following location:


I have been working with Dave since 1988 and I believe this project is our best recording so far. I look forward to our next effort and encourage you to check out our new release if you enjoy the ambient/electronic genre of music. In other music news- I’m working on recording demos currently with Industrial Hemp and I’m also working on a solo project which will be done later in the year. In addition to that I’m back in school for some global music studies which I’m enjoying greatly. My best wishes in this new year for all you folks who have taken the time to read and listen to my stuff. I’ll try and be more regular in my updates here while staying busy making and learning about music. In the meantime, please take care and if you get a chance, do check out “Dreamtime” I think you’ll like it.