noise ordinance

 …on this the 18th of April 2008 the one year point into this blog that follows the progress of the at-the-helm podcast series I’d like to thank everyone who has stopped by for a read or a listen.  I’m currently working on upcoming episodes that I think will prove quite listenable for all concerned, please stay tuned (all puns intended). In the meantime we’ve reached the summer of 1997 as far as the time line of the musical work presented so far in this series and at this point I’ve been living in Longmont Colorado for 2 years and working musically by myself although sending recorded material to Dave Stafford in California for a Bindlestiff project “at a distance” as it were as opposed to our usual live in the studio situation. I’m attempting to add as much as I can inside in the way of layers to the loop format including multiple loops designed to define the construct of a piece of music rather than traditional chordal arrangements. During the course of the summer of 1997 I also recorded the track that I would release as “Liquid Center” a live unedited performance cd that captured live to tape over 50 minutes long of live looping and solos in studio from August 20th 1997. I’m thinking of re-releasing this cd for a very limited time again soon to those who might be interested in owning a copy.

In the meanwhile Episode #22 is in production and I hope to have it available for your listening pleasure soon. If you haven’t heard show#21 or any others in the series please do so at your earliest convienience I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Again thanks to all those who have tuned in over the months. please do keep on doing so and I’ll try to bring you new music from my past to hear now. This image from the road into town circa 1997…have a great weekend.