for the heart of the shade, as distant from the sun as possible. A warm hello to all of you folks and especially to those of you enduring the sweltering heat that seems to permeate the northern hemisphere this time of year. The weather here has featured some torrential rains along with severe thunder and lightning storms that have little or no moisture content but have started some fires, both grass and structure. So flash flood warnings posted side by side with red flag (fire) warnings make Colorado anything but dull! did I mention the hail? We have hail in the following sizes: pea, marble, golf ball, tennis ball, baseball and softball. All sizes are painful upon delivery.

On a hopefully less painful note I’ve been working on more dark ambient reworks of some earlier tracks of mine, which I’m pleased with so far. For today’s musical entry however, I’ve gone to the vault for a piece called “The Pigg Family Has A Party”. It’s a little solo keyboard work meant to accompany a short story my wife Sarajane illustrated and which we then did a short video of for the local cable community access channel , a few years back. Anyway I hope you enjoy it, there’ll be more soon. Today’s photo is from another recent trip I made to the Dougherty museum, this image is of a 1922 Federal Radio (six tubes). My best wishes to all of you and thanks again for checking in to see what’s new.