parisalso known as Paris, France. The trip here was uneventful, no luggage lost (nice thing about having to sit on it during transit). Eddie says the gig here will be a good chance to warm up before we head to Nice. I’m getting to know the Headstock brothers Hank and Harold, they’re really good players and fun to travel with besides. The weather has been warm and wet, much like back home I’m told. I told Eddie I was blogging while on tour and he wanted to horn in on the action without actually doing anything, so I’ll be persenting his musical recording “pick of the week” as we progress onward. This weeks pick is “Annette Peacock Live in Paris” recorded at the Bataclan live in January 1981 on AURA records. It features 5 tracks, 3 from her 1979 album “X Dreams”.  Eddie likes the album, I think the band gets off to a slow start on the first side but warms up by side 2. I believe Annette is an aquired taste for most listeners, but so is Eddie. We’re doing one nighters in clubs here before moving on to a hotel gig in Nice. I’ll do a new post when we get there, meanwhile time to practice, have a good day.

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