dubrovnikone of the most unusual birthday parties I’ve ever played at or attended.  I’ve always been somewhere between amused and amazed at some of the people Eddie counts as his friends, and the guest list for this party was full of them. Something about gentlemen in military uniforms from what are now defunct forces that makes me laugh, although quietly to myself  since they tend to brandish their weapons after a few drinks to punctuate their point in conversation. Both the Headstock Brothers and myself took the opportunity to take a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine back to our room after the gig, figuring that Eddie would be out for the duration of the evening, which he was.  I did get a pseudo-cryptic note from Eddie shoved under the door while I was sleeping it off, which as best as I can tell contains this week’s musical recording of note “Shoot Out The Lights” by Richard and Linda Thompson. Released in 1982 on Hannibal Records this album is a must have for anyone’s collection and features brilliant vocal and guitar work throughout. The title track alone is worth the price of admission but for me the real clincher is “Wall of Death” which stands as one of the greatest folk-rock tunes of all time. Once again Mr. Ersatz has picked a winner, do check it out if you have not already. Well thats about it from here, next stop is Greece (if it hasn’t burnt to the ground before we get there). I’ll post you when we arrive, meanwhile have a good day! image courtesy of twistedpapers.com